7th Widnes Guides


5th February 2006

Have added some interest badge help to the guides page. This section will be expanded as i find anything useful to add.

23rd January 2006

Have updated the programme information following the district meeting we had tonight. After half term is a division Thinking Day celebration, so I hope everyone will have their singing voices ready!

19th January 2006

A massive thanks to all those who brought in donations towards Census, its been a massive help and the Guides may now get to use something other than paper, pens and poster paint for the rest of the term! Well done to all patrols for running a successful GFI evening. Next meeting we are being treated to some party items on a Chinese theme by the Penguins.


15th January 2006

Welcome to our new site. We hope to answer any questions you might have about our unit. If the section you want is not yet available please be patient as the site is still under construction.